Welcome to Newesco Metal and Tube

Newesco is a manufacturer’s rep agency and we are in the business of helping metals customers establish and maintain relationships with metals mills.  We are not a middleman or a broker.  We work directly for our mills and have been doing so since 1969.  It has been our goal and our responsibility for over 40 years to make sure our customers get the best possible customer service and our mills get the best possible representation.

Excellent customer service means going to bat for our customers.  No matter the issue, Newesco is here to make sure our mills are responsive to our customers’ concerns.  Whether the issue is price, delivery or scope, it is Newesco’s job to have the mill provide the quote, the delivery and the product to the customer’s satisfaction.  Period.

Excellent representation means nonstop marketing efforts, constant feedback to the mill and lots and lots of travel.  Phone calls, emails and mailings are a big part of what we do but, at the end of the day, there is simply no substitute for putting our faces in front of our customers. 

Please click on the Mills tab above to see all the fine metals mills we represent.  There you will find links to the mill websites as well as contact info for the inside sales staff at each mill.  You will also find a description of what each mill produces, size ranges and mill minimums.

Please click here to contact us directly with your RFQ. Please include all specifics necessary so your quote is as accurate as possible.

Please submit a request even if your inquiry may not meet mill minimum order requirements. Newesco is committed to helping you find what you need regardless of quantity.

Click on the Contacts tab to find Newesco's contact info and inside sales staff contacts and locations for any of our mills.


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